Bollymart Nigeria Limited is a Limited liability Company with Registration Number (RC 985465) base in Lagos Nigeria Since 2000. We work through out Nigeria as well as other part of West African countries. We are directly into Importations, Sales of building material, kitchen and wardrobe design, installation of Kitchen/Wordrobe Cabinets, Wooden Floor Laminate, Roofing and General Supply

We are a company in Nigeria, with over years of experience in modern kitchen design, Wordrobes Wooden floor Laminating, Door fitting, Accessories and General Interior decoration with quality materials and professional technicians to handle project.

Our teams of technicians are always available on hand to help design modern kitchen and interior decoration in general with quality imported maternal to make your kitchen and interior look unique to you and your lifestyles. Our kitchen cabinets are available in different options, styles, materials and finishes, which will actually give you best of choice, kitchen design styles include v-shape, magic corner

We also customize kitchen/wardrobe cabinet of your choice specifications. We use quality materials to build cabinet to your exact specification. You choose your styles and the type of materials you want for the kitchen cabinets. It may be cherry, maple, high gloss solid color, strainers key, e.t.c. then our team of technician will handle the project. To your satisfaction.